Sheats offers strong record as Senate candidate

I am grateful that Bettyann Sheats is running for Maine state Senate. Having served two terms in the House, she understands that running for office is vital to keep our democracy functioning for the benefit of us all.

Bettyann has been my neighbor for the last two years, warmly welcoming me to this community. I’ve walked with her in the rain to look at road drainage issues which affected places down the road, not hers, and watched her and her husband clear away debris from the December storm. When I had COVID, Bettyann brought us a casserole.

What do such little things matter? They show Bettyann’s interest in the well-being of others, her work ethic, and her values. She knows what’s involved with campaigning and the office itself, and is stepping forward again.

She has my vote. If people examine her record, I believe she will earn their vote, too.

Silver Moore-Leamon, Auburn

Local public safety departments deserve support

With two decades of service as a volunteer firefighter and rescue squad member, I recently experienced the urgency of addressing community safety during a ridealong with the Wilton Police Department.

During the ridealong, the officers responded to an incident in Weld, which emphasized to me the need for collective community action.

That action comes in various forms — financial support is crucial, and dedicating time as a volunteer makes a significant impact. Initiating neighborhood watch programs is a proactive step to enhance community safety, recognizing that curbing violence and drug-related issues is a shared responsibility beyond law enforcement.

Attending town meetings offers a platform to voice concerns and suggestions, leading to tangible outcomes like government grants. The recent success in securing a grant to combat speeding through Wilton exemplifies the positive impact of community involvement.

My gratitude goes to Wilton’s selectmen and selectwomen and the new town manager for their unwavering dedication. Their efforts significantly contribute to the overall well-being of the community.

Let’s work together to create a safer environment and commit to meaningful action to prevent violence and drug-related challenges in our neighborhoods and families.

Nick Santora, Wilton Resident