I am writing in support of Bettyann Sheats for state Senate District 20.

Bettyann understands the important role that transportation plays in the lives of older rural Mainers. Many rural residents must travel long distances to access their health care providers.

When she was in the House, Bettyann served on the Transportation Committee and supported LD 1258, a proposal to expand the use of volunteer transportation networks in rural areas. The bill passed, but was not funded.

Our rural communities need support for innovative transportation options — for young and old.

This will be critical as the Portland to Auburn Rail Use Advisory Committee examines the cost/benefits of rails, trails and bikeways on the St. Lawrence/Atlantic rail corridor — running through New Gloucester to Auburn.

We need someone with transportation experience who is in touch with older rural voters.

I urge people’s support for Bettyann Sheats.

Julie Fralich, New Gloucester